The PGM200 is sort of an aqua-green color with a little bit of sparkle to it, and it has three pink humbucking pickups. At the time when I was thinking about this guitar, I was thinking about guitar players like Ace Frehley and Peter Frampton who were famous for that three humbucker look. I thought that was a cool look. And, of course, there's extra sounds that you can get with it as well. That wall of pink pickups is a pretty cool looking thing! It's a great playing guitar. My PGM200 that I have, I've taken it on the road over the years, and it's a really really easy guitar to play. The song that comes to mind that I recorded with this guitar is a classical piece called B.R.O., which is on the Racer X "Technical Difficulties" album. If I wanted to demonstrate to somebody face-melting guitar, that's probably the tune I would pick. So I have to thank the PGM200 for giving me that sound on that song, and you can enjoy it as well. The PGM200, yeah!

  • neck : 1pc Maple
  • body : Basswood
  • frets : Jumbo
  • finger board : Rosewood
  • bridge : Fixed
  • pickups :
    DiMarzio® Paf Pro® (H) neck pu
  • DiMarzio® Paf Pro® (H) mid pu
    DiMarzio® Paf Pro® (H) bridge pu
  • Hardware color : Cosmo Black
  • color : FB (Fountain Blue)