The PGM500 is also a red guitar. This one doesn't have a whammy. I also used this in the heyday of Mr. Big. It saw a lot of stage time at the Budokhan. I used that on a lot of my early solo stuff as well, like "Alligator Farm" and "Flying Dog". It's a very very cool color combination. I really like the candy apple red paint job with the cream f-holes and cream knobs and gold hardware. I think it's one of the more stylish combinations of the paint job and the f-holes. Dig the PGM500!

  • neck : 1pc Maple
  • body : Basswood
  • frets : Jumbo
  • finger board : Rosewood
  • bridge : GTC101
  • pickups :
    DiMarzio® Humbucker From Hell (H) neck pu
  • DiMarzio® FS-1™ (S) mid pu
    DiMarzio® Tone Zone® (H) bridge pu
  • Hardware color : Gold
  • color : CA (Candy Apple Red)