The PGM600 is based on the Ibanez Iceman. I've always loved the Iceman. I've always been a fan of Cheap Trick and KISS, back in the day when Rick Nielsen and Paul Stanley were using their Iceman guitars. So this is sort of a PGM version. It has f-holes on it. Actually when I think back, my first experience with putting fake painted f-holes on a non-hollowbody guitar was an old Ibanez Iceman that I bought at a guitar store. I had someone paint it for me. So this is a production version of that. It's a great sounding guitar, has a lot of wood in the body. So it resonates really well. It's got two Super Distortion DiMarzio pickups in it, so it's got a lot of output. It's a great rock and metal guitar. So enjoy the PGM600.

  • neck : 1pc Maple
  • body : Mahogany
  • frets : Jumbo
  • finger board : Rosewood
  • bridge : Gibraltar bridge w/ Quikchange tailpiece
  • pickups :
    DiMarzio® Super Distortion® (H) neck pu
    DiMarzio® Super Distortion® (H) bridge pu
  • Hardware color : Chrome
  • color : JB (Jewel Blue)