Just about anybody my age is going to be a huge fan of the Beatles. Of course, Paul McCartney played a bass that was shaped like a violin in the early days. I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool to have a guitar shaped like a violin?" My name is Paul, so maybe I can be like Paul McCartney. So Ibanez was kind enough to make me a guitar in the shape of a violin. This became the PGM700. It's actually a really great sounding guitar. It also has DiMarzio Super Distortions. It looks really cool. There's nothing like it. There's not too many violin-shaped guitars out there. I used it a lot in the studio and live. It got a lot of stage time with Mr. Big as well. Enjoy the PGM700.

  • neck : 1pc Maple
  • body : Mahogany
  • frets : Jumbo
  • finger board : Rosewood
  • bridge : Gibraltar bridge w/ Quikchange tailpiece
  • pickups :
    DiMarzio® Super Distortion® (H) neck pu
    DiMarzio® Super Distortion® (H) bridge pu
  • Hardware color : Black
  • color : WH (White)