Darkstone Chronicles

DN400 AP (Aged Plaster)

No Longer Available

  • DN Sapele set-in neck
  • Sapale body
  • Medium frets
  • Tight-Tune bridge
  • Tight-Tune tailpiece
  • HS1-N (S) neck pu
  • HS1-B (S) bridge pu
  • Chrome hardware
  • Scale : 628mm/24.75"

DN400 AP

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The DN is the new standard in heavy metal rock guitar. As its "Darkstone" series name suggests, strong construction and smart body style combine for a powerful, clean sound. The Tight-Tune Bridge is sturdy and resonant, and the tailpiece comes equipped with the Ball-End Stopper for more lock-in on strings - both are features originally designed by Ibanez.


  • DN400 AP
  • DN500 BK
  • DN500 WH
  • DN500K BK
  • DN500K WH
  • DN520K DTV
  • DN600 SHM
  • DN1 PRM
  • DN520K SSB

Darkstone Models Features

PP1 Pickups

The tube pole-piece construction of the new pickups designed for the Ibanez Darkstone offers quick response, sparkling clarity and added harmonics for a humbucker sound.

>DN500 >DN500K DN520K >DN1PRM

Set-In Neck Construction

Set-In Neck construction on the DN-series provides massive sustain and playing comfort.

HS1 Pickups

The newly developed humbucker-sized single coil pickups produce loud and crunchy tones that cut through for hard rock and punk styles.

>DN400 >DN600

Pickup Mounting Ring

The original pickup mounting ring, specially designed for the Darkstone, keeps the pickup parallel to the strings at all times. Unlike the usual mounting rings, this one enables the pickups to catch equal vibrations from each string and avoid tone loss.

Tight-Tune Bridge/Tailpiece

Solid as a rock, the Tight-Tune bridge and tailpiece were designed to lock down securely and prevent any kind of wobble or movement. Each saddle is locked into the base plate, and the bridge is anchored by stud bolts into the body of the guitar. Furthermore, the studs are also locked onto the base plate so that the maximum vibration from the string is transferred to the body.

Vine shape ornament

The ornament in the shape of vine, covering half of the body top. It’s made of aluminum, and this side of the body is recessed from the other half so your hand won’t be interrupted and lessens any added weight. The vine pattern was designed to match and to emphasize the body outline, and the shimmering surface changes depending on the light.