Wael Daou was born in Belém-PA-Brazil. His influences go through Arabic oriental music (ancestral heritage of his family), classical music, death metal and heavy metal, and jazz. Among his idols, are guitarists Jason Becker, Allan Holdsworth and Frank Gambale. In classical music he cites names like Dvorak, Borodin, Mussorgsky, Chopin, Paganini. And in his heavy influences, bands like Death, Iced Earth, Savatage and Metallica are part of the musical universe of the instrumentalist.
Wael formed the first progressive metal band in the region in the year of 2012 and became well known as a guitarist and composer, recorded in the first half of 2013 his first job as lead guitarist, the CD Ancient Conquerors. Now with the first full length called Sand Crusader he with the bandmates present an innovative proposal in the metal genre, with great solos and riffs accompanied by arrangements for orquestra, but not any arrangement, they are dark, heavy, macaber, and ethnical. Conceptually Sand Crusader took shape from the way Daou sees the world from his Arab roots, the taste for history and its values. For him, this work represents an elapsed musical maturity in recent years. "This work shows my various influences, in addition it expresses, through music, my thoughts about humanity," said the musician.
The band was formed to play the Sand Crusader album and it carries it's name, the style proposed by the guitarist and bandmates mixes this eclecticism with great musicality and sophistication, without giving up melodious and intricate shapes. This is something quite unique, which will add value to the music. It is seen that the album brings a message, even though heavy, pleasing the most discerning listeners, even those who are not accustomed to more extreme genres like death metal.