Artist Interview

[Jan. 01 2006]

Ibanez: You joined Cold shortly before their recording of the second album, is that right?

: Yeah, about, I guess a year before the recording.

Ibanez: How did that come about?

: Well, we all played in different bands around Jacksonville. We played shows together since we were about 18 years old. We all kind of knew each other from back then. Scooter, our singer, used to sing and play guitar but he kind of got tired of it. He just wanted to concentrate on singing, so the band tried a few people out here in L.A. but ultimately decided that they just wanted someone from back home.

Ibanez: The new record, "13 Ways to Bleed on Stage," is doing pretty well out of the box. How do you feel about it?

: It's pretty amazing. It's hard to believe. Finally everything is paying off.

Ibanez: How did you approach recording guitars on the record?

: Basically, we would have the main structures of the song before we go into the studio. Once we get into the studio, we experiment a little bit, and then add little melodies and other parts to finish the song.

Ibanez: Was the RG570 your main guitar on the record?

: Yes it was.

Ibanez: What kind of tuning did the band use on the record?

: We just tuned down to C. Basically, four steps down from standard tuning.

Ibanez: Terry, I know that your favorite RG guitar recently got stolen, but can you tell us a little bit about that guitar and what you like about RG guitars?

: The heavy tone, the feel of the thin (Wizard) neck, almost everything about the guitar. They're just perfect for me. It's kind of hard to describe. The RG guitars in general just fit me.

Ibanez: Is the Lo Pro Edge tremelo something you use a lot?

: Not really, only in certain spots. I don't use the bar though.

Ibanez: How do you use the tremelo? Do you just push down on the bridge with your palm?

: Yeah, exactly. I use my palm to pull back on it.

Ibanez: How would you describe your playing?

: It's really all about the song. It's not about being flashy or anything. I do work on getting cool tones and cool noises though.

Ibanez: The distorted guitar tones on "13 Ways to Bleed on Stage" are really massive. Did you guys experiment a lot in the studio or did you use pretty much the same rig for the entire recording?

: Probably 95% of it was recorded with my RG and a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier. There were a couple of different guitars and amps I used for some clean parts, but other than that, it was all pretty much the one RG and Boogie.

Ibanez: Can you tell us about what's next for Cold?

: Lots of touring. First, we have a three-week tour with 3 Doors Down, a month with Marilyn Mansion and then a couple of weeks with Limp Bizkit and DMX on the Anger Management Tour. That will probably take us into Christmas. As for next year, we don't have anything confirmed yet.

Ibanez: Any talk about doing the Family Values Tour this spring?

: Actually, we were going to do the Family Values Tour this fall until it was postponed. Since it was moved to February of next year, I haven't heard anything. I hope we're able to do it.