Artists on Tour

The information presented here is accurate to the best of our knowledge, however we cannot be held responsible for last minute schedule changes or cancellations.

Protocol II
Andy Timmons
Date Band Name Venue City Country
15 Apr. 2015Protocol IIBergkellerReichenbachGermany
17 Apr. 2015Protocol IIMusicMesse Agora StateFrankfurtGermany
18 Apr. 2015Protocol IIMusicMesse Agora StateFrankfurtGermany
19 Apr. 2015Protocol IIBoerderijZoetermeerNetherlands
21 Apr. 2015Protocol IIHarmonieBonnGermany
22 Apr. 2015Protocol IISpirit of 66VerviersBelgium
24 Apr. 2015Protocol IIMuhle HunzigenRubigenSwitzerland
26 Apr. 2015Protocol IIBlitzPisaItaly
27 Apr. 2015Protocol IIAfterlifePerugiaItaly
28 Apr. 2015Protocol IIArts FactoryTerramoItaly
30 Apr. 2015Protocol IIPlanetRomeItaly
02 May. 2015Protocol IIGasolineBresciaItaly
03 May. 2015Protocol IIWork In ProgressPadovaItaly
05 May. 2015Protocol IIGeneral MusicGrazAustria
06 May. 2015Protocol IIThe CongressSt PoltenAustria
07 May. 2015Protocol IIPorgy & BessViennaAustria
09 May. 2015Protocol IIFermatenHerningGermany
10 May. 2015Protocol IIPustervikGothenburgSweden
11 May. 2015Protocol IILilla TheaterJonkopingSweden
12 May. 2015Protocol IIIntimanVasterasSweden
13 May. 2015Protocol IIKatalinUppsalaSweden
15 May. 2015Protocol IIArt Music SchoolAthensGreece
16 May. 2015Protocol IIArt Music SchoolAthensGreece