For 25 years the SR has given bass players a modern alternative. With its continued popularity, Ibanez is constantly endeavoring to answer the wider needs of a variety of players, at a variety of budgets. But no matter what the specs, the heart is the same-SR continues to excite with its smooth, fast neck, lightweight body, and perfectly matched electronics.


Natural Flat


neck typeSR6 5pc Jatoba/Bubinga neck
bodyBubinga top/Maple body
fretboardRosewood fretboard w/Abalone oval inlay
fretMedium frets
number of frets24
bridgeAccu-cast B306 bridge (16.5mm string spacing)
neck pickupNordstrand™ CND P neck pickup (Passive)
bridge pickupNordstrand™ CND J bridge pickup (Passive)
equaliserIbanez Custom Electronics 3-band eq w/Eq bypass switch (passive tone control on treble pot)
hardware colorBlack matte

Neck Dimensions

a : Width at Nut54mm
b : Width at Last Fret83mm
c : Thickness at 1st19.5mm
d : Thickness at 12th21.5mm





Nordstrand™ CND PJ pickups

"The demand for PJ basses is as strong as it's been in years because players love the versatility of basses that offer both a very vintage robust P sound and the added depth and flexibility of that J pickup by the bridge. The basic P sound is so incredibly useful and practical, having been a fundamental part of rock and pop recordings since very near the beginning of recorded pop and rock music. The simplicity and purity of a P style bass make it almost indispensable in these and many more genres. And adding a killer J tone to the package really ups the game in terms of versatility. There is definitely a place for a full J tone in all kinds of music these days. The focus allows for a very present and more in the face sound that really cuts through. And with both pickup on the sound is both full and scoopy in a way that can really sit in a mix both powerfully and with presence. The PJ setup is really a great way to cover a ton of tonal ground and I expect players will really be excited by this new offering from Ibanez featuring the fantastic pickups of our joint endeavor."
-Carey Nordstrand

Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band eq w/Eq bypass switch

Precision tonal control, including a switch to choose passive-only operation. When the EQ bypasses activated, the treble tone control knob becomes the global tone control for the passive circuit.

Jatoba/Bubinga Slim Neck

Coupling Jatoba with Bubinga has made the neck strong and stable despite its thinness.

Body Lamination

Natural finished bubinga top combined with Maple body lamination gives the bass a premium feel along with a strong presence.