Korn And "The Most Awesome Sound In The World."

FROM THE SUN-WARMED walls of Malibu, California's Indigo Ranch studios crept one of the darkest albums to ever go double Platinum—1994's Korn. The disturbing cover art (a little girl about to be abducted) complemented what lay inside: lyrical pathos, musical dissonance and some of the heaviest sounds ever recorded.

Throwing down funky gangsta rap rhythms over radically inventive guitar textures, Korn dragged metal from the suburbs, supplanting it in a darkly urban setting. And while most bands mixing up rap and metal at the time had a rapper, Korn had a singer. But he was no typical metal singer. Rather than puffing himself up with macho posturing, Jonathan Davis confessed—and his confessions came off just as vulnerable as they did visceral.

Munky & Head on Ibanez 7th Heaven

In the 1997 video, "Seventh Heaven," Korn members discuss and demonstrate the elemental role of the 7-string in their musical approach.

Spotify users can tap into "Blind," the opening track of the first Korn album. Like the shadow looming over the playground, the song's quiet intro is filled with portent.


— Brad Tolinsky, Guitar World Magazine

Korn: The 20 Year Anniversary
Celebrating 20 years of Korn

Powering A Paradigm Shift

In tribute to the 20th Anniversary of Korn's groundbreaking debut record, Ibanez proudly unveils a special collection of limited editions. Limited Signatures: (Left to Right) KOMRAD20, K5WHLTD, APEX20, APEX200 (Live shot)